~ favorites ~

~ highest recommendations ~

Xhale studio

Xhale was an amazing experience. Bhud is a fantastic teacher of all things, and Muk’s meals were perfect.


Chiang Mai
See the Chiang Mai blog post for more details.

Thai Farm
Thai Farm Cooking School, great experience, full-day tour to local market and their organic farm, then learned to cook five Thai dishes, delicious. http://www.thaifarmcooking.net/home/

Brown Rice Organic Bistro
Brown Rice Organic Bistro,
The food and service at Brown Rice were excellent, had the crispy fried minced tofu with spicy green mango salad, fresh juices, and mango sticky rice. Very reasonable prices, especially for the quality. https://www.facebook.com/BrownRiceOrganicBistro

Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond Breakfast Club, not exactly a local hangout, but great Thai and western veggie & non-veggie options, smoothies, gluten-free breads & pastries, coffee, tea… TripAdvisor

~ to be continued ~

One response to “~ favorites ~

  1. Josh! There’s fabulous latte art in your cup at the Blue Diamond Breakfast Club! Woo Hoo! 🙂 There’s fun and beauty *everywhere* on your wild adventure!!

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