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With thanks and apologies to Martin Yan (apparently he’s dropped his tag line from the 80’s, but some of you know what I’m talking about), if I can do yoga (or stop to meditate), so can you and anybody else. I’m still a beginner and expect to be for a long time, but even as a novice these practices have had a profound impact on my daily life.

After 15+ years hunched over a keyboard in various corporate and startup cubicles, my body was a mess. I discovered yoga about the same time as my first round at the office, and even though it felt great, I somehow didn’t make time for it over the next 10 years. I waited until my back pain was unbearable to find Yin yoga. The deep stretching and energy high started me on the path that eventually led to the 40-day yoga challenge that I signed up for at the last minute out of desperation during a particularly unpleasant work experience.

Short version, I quit my job and am on my way to yoga teacher training in India via Thailand. This blog is my way of documenting the journey so I don’t forget where I’ve been and where I want to go. Maybe it will even inspire somebody to take a yoga class or the career break they’ve been dreaming of (or hadn’t yet considered.)

I’m an out-of-practice traveler, so there may also be a bit of unintentional comedy along the way. (Hey, there’s Wat Po! Again…)

More soon…

Contact: joshmwright (at) gmail

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