~ Pai. I’m staying. ~

Xhale Yoga Retreat in Pai, Thailand. Perfect. Bhud is a great teacher, I highly recommend spending a week with her in Pai. More details on the Yoga page. http://www.xhaleyogapai.com

Xhale & Isara

Xhale studio

Sunset Yin

Sunset Yin

Sunset Yin

Savasana modification.

Savasana modification.

Xhale candles

Kirtan, jai!

Kirtan, jai!

Muk and Pa Tu are food artists. Their nutritious vegetarian meals were delicious. Much of the food (and butterfly pea flower tea, below) is from Muk’s organic garden that surrounds her home and the yoga studio. She had a restaurant in San Francisco and now offers cooking classes at her home kitchen lab, it’s on my list: Isara Garden.
Xhale meal

Butterfly Pea tea

Xhale meal

Xhale soup and juice

In Pai Resort, so peaceful, overlooking Pai valley, a 10 minute stroll to Xhale. Pap, Mu and Boom (spelling?) were very welcoming and helpful. Contact them at inpairesort@hotmail.com
In Pai Resort

Silent morning walk to the retreat.

Silent morning walk to the retreat.

Let it go...

Let it go…

~ Thanks to Bhud and all for your presence and the many great conversations…
Xhale group

~ to be continued ~

9 responses to “~ Pai. I’m staying. ~

  1. Woo Hoo! Fun Theory in action! Looks like an awesome experience/adventure with beauty, joy, and fun people! The images put a big smile on my face! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing! Enjoy, Josh!!

  2. So glad you’re spending more time in Pai – I’m looking forward to a return journey sometime. Thanks for creating this blog so we can live vicariously through your amazing travels. I’m heading to SF tomorrow and I’ll be missing your company, but I am soooo glad that you are where you are πŸ™‚

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